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Project Scope:

  • Strategy

  • User Experience

  • User Interface


Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Toronto City Guide is your AI-powered smart travel guide.

TCG's AI Powered algorithms crunch through thousands of great spots around Toronto's neighborhood to deliver unique recommendations for people to get around Toronto like the locals do! You can personalize your trip by picking your favorite categories and get all the information seamlessly in one app, plus it's free and works offline!

With Toronto City Guide, all your trips are stored in one place. That's not all, you can search for flights, chat, share and network with thousands of like-minded people.


How to take full advantage of Toronto and its diverse neighborhoods, hidden gems and Canadian charm the way locals do, all in one place without having to switch between tens of hundreds of apps.


We were commissioned to create a strategic user experience and user interface that would communicate their unique proposition and help establish them as the new go-to-app for 40 million visitors exploring Toronto each year.

Template #6.jpg

Kicking things off with a solid strategy.

At the core of every Bornite project lies a rock-solid strategy. Whether we are crafting a new brand identity, a packaging system, or in this case, an effective and delightful user experience and user interface, every project starts with a plan.

UX Design Principle

Easily take control of all your activities.

We create meaningful services people love to use and help apps become more customer centric along the way. We minimized users’ cognitive loads and decision-making time by putting users in control in seamless experience. 

Toronto-based Brand Strategy Design Consultancy – AMP STUDIO – Toronto City Guide App, UX Design Principle
Toronto-based Brand Strategy Design Consultancy – AMP STUDIO – Toronto City Guide App' User Experience priorities

User Interaction Wireframe

Template #2-V2.jpg

UI Design Principle

Designing for Thumbs.

What does it mean to design for thumbs? It means building interfaces that are the most comfortable to use within our thumb’s natural, sweeping arc.
Research suggests that people held their phones in the following ways:

• One handed: 49%                        • Cradled: 36%                        • Two handed: 15%

  • Right thumb on the screen: 67%
  • Left thumb on the screen: 33%


Thumb Zone map applied to iPhone 5.5 and 4.7-inch displays.

  • One handed, right thumb on the screen
Toronto-based Brand Strategy Design Consultancy – AMP STUDIO – Interface Reachability principle for easy to user interface


Great UI equals delighted users.

Toronto City Guide Application - User Interface design, Onboarding pages
Toronto City Guide Application - User Interface design, Main menu and profile pages
Toronto City Guide Application - User Interface design, Home and Map view pages
Toronto City Guide Application - User Interface design, Community and Chat and Share pages

And so much more. 

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